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Open Recreation Policies

Usage of Rec Sports Open Recreation facilities are a privilege that can be revoked for not following policies. Please review the policies below carefully. They are in place for your safety and the comfort of all patrons.
Rec Sports Facilities may only be accessed with a valid Cajun Card ID.

  • Profanity and yelling are not permitted in any Rec Sports facility or program.
  • Personal property such as books and back packs must be stored in lockers. Bags are not allowed in the fitness center. Neither Rec Sports nor its employees will be responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • It is strongly recommended that participants not wear jewelry, including during free-play court games in the gymnasium and while using fitness and weight equipment.
  • Food is not permitted; Only drinks with screw top bottles are permitted.
  • Equipment should be used properly and for its intended purpose and should remain in its established location. Users who break equipment due to misuse or misconduct can be suspended from the facility.
  • Participants MUST seek assistance from UL Rec Sports for adjustments and setup/takedown of the volleyball, badminton nets or other equipment. Disassembling and/or moving equipment that has been set up is not permitted.
  • Free Play Rules:
    • Dunking is strictly prohibited.
    • No hanging on the rims or nets at any time.
    • No shooting at baskets while a full-court game is in progress.
    • No kicking basketballs or any other balls in this area.
    • No sitting on rented basketballs or other equipment
    • Deliberate abuse of the walls, ceilings, equipment, etc. is not permitted.
    • Hats and ball caps are not permitted to be worn during pick-up basketball games.


Track Distance: 8 laps = 1 mile

  • Track is intended for joggers and walkers. Spectators are not permitted to stand at the rail or on the track.
  • Walkers should position themselves to the outside lane and joggers to the two inside lanes. Joggers have the right-of-way.
  • Jump roping and/or lunges are not permitted on the track.

Failure to comply with Rec Sports Policies may result in a loss of all Rec Sports Privileges.

Tennis Courts

  • Access to UL Rec Sports Tennis Courts is restricted to University of Louisiana at Lafayette Students, Faculty, and Staff.
  • Pets are not permitted on the Tennis Courts.

Court lights are available Monday thru Thursdays from 6pm-9:45pm. Court lights are unavailable Friday thru Sunday unless they are reserved by a Student or University Organization.