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PT Testimonials

"After seeing the various improvements Rec Sports has made throughout Bourgeois Hall, I figured that hiring a personal trainer via Rec Sports would be a good idea. I was expecting a knowledgeable and respectful high-quality professional, and that's what I got! The trainer assigned to me was Tyler. And though he displays the aforementioned qualities that I'm confident all Rec Sports trainers possess, Tyler was calming, reassuring, and down-to-earth. He was great at assessing my ability level and creating a workout that complimented it. Once I left our first session, I was very proud of my effort and felt that my money was well-spent. What's even better is that even though I know I got the most out of my workout, I was not left feeling burnt-out or apprehensive toward future sessions. In fact, I look forward to them!

I highly recommend Rec Sports for your choice of fitness activities provided by an attentive and accommodating staff."

-Samuel- UL Student

"Lately, people have been noticing my weight loss. I am proud to inform them that I am 40 pounds lighter! When they ask me how I lost the 40 pounds, I tell them about a well kept secret on the UL campus. Many people on campus are surprised to learn about the personal trainers with Rec Sports. I have found the experience to be exhausting (and painful at times), but well worth it. I began working with a personal trainer in the summer. My trainers have been quite professional and a wealth of information. Their motivation and determination to assist me was fantastic and made me want to return for each session. The trainers have the knowledge, understanding, and skills to access your needs at every level. Each training session was unique and individualized to my needs and fitness ability. I have enjoyed working with a personal trainer, achieveing my personal goals, and pushing through to new goals.

I highly recommend without any reservation for anyone, at any fitness level, to work with a personal trainer at Rec Sports."

-Mary- UL Faculty