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Patron Access

The Recreation Center is a controlled-access facility and is intended for use and enjoyment of current University of Louisiana at Lafayette students, faculty, staff, and other authorized members of the University community. Only authorized users are permitted beyond the front desk.

The Student Code of Conduct states in section 15.28 that, “In order to protect the safety and welfare of students and employees of the university, and to protect the property of the university, it is hereby declared that it shall be a violation of this code for students on any property either owned or controlled by the university not to identify themselves to a university employee by displaying their student identification card in response to a request.”

  • Appropriate University Cajun Card ID must be presented for entry to all Rec Sports facilities and activities (NO Cajun Card = NO Entry)
  • Valid Cajun Card for currently enrolled full-time undergraduate & graduate students, current faculty/staff, and graduate & continuing education students
  • If the photo, name, and CLID number are not legible on the Cajun Card, or if the Cajun Card does not scan, the card is not valid
  • Photocopies of the Cajun Card are not acceptable
  • Each student is allowed a one-time “Forgot Card” access if attending an academic class in Bourgeois Hall. This does not pertain to use or participation of Rec Sports facilities or activities

Cajun Cards are for the exclusive use of the person named on the card and nontransferable. If presented by anyone other than the rightful owner, Cajun Cards will be confiscated and involved parties subject to disciplinary action. Disciplinary action includes immediate removal or suspension from the Recreation Center and possible further University discipline.

Non-members, suspended members, or expired members are not permitted access to the Recreation Center.

Child Access

  • For their own safety, children are not allowed in Bourgeois Hall
  • Exceptions:
    • Family Days sponsored by the UL Rec Sports Aquatic Center
    • Emergency situations with permission from the professor, children may accompany their parents to class only. This is a one-time only exception

Spouse Memberships

Spouse Memberships are available to Spouses of University Staff & Faculty. Memberships are on a semester basis and therefore must be renewed every semester. Graduate Assistants can purchase Spouse memberships if they receive a tuition waiver and stipend from the University. Graduate Assistants must bring a letter from their department head on letterhead stating that they receive a tuition waiver and stipend.

  • New Member fee is $45 total = $20 for ID card + $25 for semester membership
  • Membership is by semester 
  • Renewing membership will be $25 per semester
  • Fees can be paid in cash or check at the UL Rec Sports Office

For a new membership, both Spouse and University Staff or Faculty are required to present picture IDs and a copy of marriage certificate.