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General Parking

Our lot includes 350 spaces, including motorcycle spaces and 9 accessiblity parking spaces. Parking spots not noted as reserved or not behind a gate are free for patrons to use.

Students and Faculty/Staff

There are 300 free spaces at Bourgeois. On Monday-Friday after 5:00pm and weekends you can park in any space in our lot that is not reserved.

Bourgeois Hall Faculty/Staff

Bourgeois Hall has 50 parking spots including 2 dedicated accessibility parking spaces dedicated to our facility and staff members who work for UL Rec Sports and the School of Kinesiology. This zone requires card access to gain entrance to the lot. To park in this area you will need a letter from your dean or director and a zone 38 permit from Transportation Services. Faculty and Staff with zone 38 permits may park exclusively at the rear of Bourgeois Hall from 7:00am-5:00pm. Students are permitted to park in this area outside of regular hours and on weekends.

Softball Games

UL Rec Sports, the School of Kinesiology, and Lamson Park all share a common parking lot at Bourgeois Hall. During major events and big games our front lot is utilized exclusively for VIP softball parking. Be prepared to utilize our overflow areas during softball season in the Spring. For a complete list of this year's games head over to the Ragin' Cajuns Softball page to get all the game dates and times. For a little extra heads up follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get all of our updates.


UL Rec Sports parking map

Bourgeois Hall is home to UL Rec Sports and the School of Kinesiology. We have thousands of visitors that come through our doors every day which can make it difficult to park here at times, and especially during our busy hours. When you are having a hard time finding a spot at Bourgeois you may want to try one of our overflow areas on Coliseum Road and at Cajun Field. If you are on campus don't worry about driving, just take the bus. It's free, drops you off just outside the building, and runs Monday through Friday. Click on our map to see it in detail. All of the lots in red can be used to park for Bourgeois Hall.


A short walk away is our newly constructed lot at the Intramural Complex on Coliseum Road. These spaces are for intramural sports but all of our games are after 5 p.m. which means you can use these spaces to park for class or your next workout at Bourgeois Hall during the day! Park stress free and enjoy the short 1/4 mile walk through Bourgeois Park on your way over.

Cajun Field

Many of you park at Cajun Field and ride the bus to campus for classes during the day. This is also a great place to park during our busiest hours of the day. A short walk down Cajundome is the only thing standing in your way. We love the walk, it gives us time to prepare for class, listen to one last song on Spotify, or even get warmed up before a workout. Park at Cajun Field for free and pump up your daily step count. You might just like it.

Buses and Shuttles

To view the current schedules, visit Daily Transit Schedule. Get updates on buses by following @GeauxBus on Twitter.