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Courts, Track & Studios

Bourgeois Hall has 4 basketball courts that can be used for basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, badminton, and more. Rec Sports has all the equipment needed for these activities, so you can just show up! We have a schedule of activities on the Open Recreation Court Programming page.

The 8 racquetball courts are ready for play and Ping-Pong tables can also be set up in these spaces.

The four-lane track is 1/8 of a mile elevated above the basketball courts, and has cardio equipment and floor mats for additional core work and stretching.

Additional spaces include the Training Studio functional fitness room, the Dance Studio with bars and mirrored walls, the Multipurpose Judo room with removable floor mats, and the Weightroom equipment with a variety of free weight and powerlifting equipment. Many of our Fitness programs take place in these spaces.