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General Attire

When participating in a Rec Sports Activity or Facility:

  • Exercise attire and footwear are required (exception: locker room areas, Group Ex yoga classes)
  • Footwear: non-marking, rubber-soled athletic-type/sport shoes are required. Footwear must completely cover the foot, including instep, toes, arch and heel. Footwear not permitted includes, but is not limited to, high-heeled shoes, spikes, open-toed shoes, turf shoes, cleats, boots, flip-flops, sandals and footwear that are muddy or dirty
    • Exception: Bare feet and/or stockings are acceptable for some group fitness classes and/or group reservations in the activity rooms
    • “2-Shoes”– Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a second pair of clean footwear that is free of pebbles, road salt, gum, sand, etc. to use during their workouts. This helps protect the equipment and flooring
  • Shirts: Upper body clothing should fully cover the back and torso
    • Cutoff t-shirts, cropped tanks, and sports bras (only) are not permitted
  • Bottoms: Athletic-type apparel is required
    • Jeans, khakis and pants, with or without buttons, metal zippers, metal rivets, belts and belt loops, are not permitted
    • Shorts must be long enough to cover the buttocks and groin when exercising or moving
    • Shorts must be properly worn on the hips
  • Jewelry: UL Rec Sports strongly recommends no jewelry be worn during participation. This includes, but is not limited to, necklaces, rings, bracelets, wristbands, watches, earrings/studs, piercings, etc
  • Hats and ball caps are not permitted to be worn during pick-up basketball games
  • Clothing with visible blood must be removed and placed in a biohazard bag. The participant must have a replacement article of clothing to remain in the facility
  • Clothing with offensive or profane language, designs, or pictures is not acceptable
  • UL Rec Sports decisions pertaining to appropriate attire is final