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Get Involved with UL Club Sports

What is a Club Sport?

A Club Sport is a Student organization that has been formed by individuals who are motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a particular sporting activity. Club Sports are meant to be a learning experience for the members through their involvement in teamwork, fundraising, public relations, organization administration, budgeting, and scheduling, as well as through the development of skills in their particular sport. Club Sports are formed so the participants in each club can learn new skills, improve existing skills, engage in competition, and enjoy recreational and social fellowship.

Club Sports Inclusion Statement: No member shall be excluded for any reason, included but not limited to: race, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, citizenship, weight, disability, veteran status, or any other factors covered by law. Students may participate in the gender specific club that affirms their personal gender identity.

How do I join?

Each club has different procedures for becoming a member of the club. Some have tryouts, whereas others have open practices throughout the year. Therefore, the best way to get involved with the club(s) you are interested in is to contact the club officers to get more information on when their club practices and meets. All club contact information can be found in the Club Sports Directory.

What is the commitment?

Clubs practice between 2 and 5 days a week for up to 2 hours. The commitment level varies depending on the club and their level of competition. Many clubs compete at the state, regional and national level, while others rarely compete. For more information please contact the club officers. All club contact information can be found in the Club Sports Directory.

How do I create a Club Sport?

All Club Sports must be a registered Student Organization (Through OrgSync) for a minimum of 1 year prior to being eligible to apply for Club Sport status and be eligible to receive allocated funds.

To start a new student organization follow the following steps:

  • Select an organization name
    • No organization shall register a name identical to, or closely similar, to the name of a currently registered student organization nor can the University of Louisiana or UL precede any organizational name
  • Obtain 5 students that meet the officer requirements to serve as founding members
  • Draft a constitution
  •  Formally submit the organization application via OrgSync. For more information, follow the hyperlink
  •  Attend In-Person Training
  • Select 1 of the 5 founding members to complete the required in-person officer/ Club President training
    • UL Office of Student Leadership and Engagement will contact the new student organization about their registration and will inform them if any additional information is needed to complete the registration process through OrgSync. Please allow 10 to 15 business days for application reviews.
    • For more information regarding questions about OrgSync and the application process, please contact the Office of Student engagement and Leadership. 337-482-6272
    • Upon completion of the first calendar year of being a registered Student Organization, clubs are eligible to apply to be a Club Sport via Application with Recreational Sports.

For more information please contact David Jamie, Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports,, 337-482-6989