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When will each sport be played?
All sports are played in the afternoon and evening, at Bourgeois Hall, Bourgeois Park, or the Intramural Sports Complex on Coliseum Road. Specific days and times for each sport can be viewed on IMLeagues.

Do I have to be a student to participate?
You must be currently enrolled student, a current faculty/staff member, or a spouse pass member to participate.

Where do I sign up?
Rec Sports uses IMLeagues for Intramurals and Group Exercise. See the IMLeagues page under the About Us tab on the website for information on making an account.

How much does it cost to play intramurals?
There are no costs associated with intramural sports! You can play as many sports as you would like throughout the year for free as long as you are a registered student and have paid all of your University fees.

What do I need to bring with me to games?
Every student needs their Cajun Card to verify that they are a current student and ensure that only players on the roster are participating.

When will we be scheduled to play?
When you register your team online at IMLeagues you will select a certain day and time that your team will play throughout the regular season. Games should take no longer than one hour.

Can I play in the fraternity or sorority league if I am not in a fraternity/sorority?
Only students who are currently pledging, rushing, or active in a registered UL fraternity or sorority can play in the fraternity/ sorority league.

What are captains meetings?
Captains meetings are mandatory meetings that occur before the start of each sport and will cover important information each team must know to participate. We will focus on scheduling games and the general guidelines of the season that every team must be well aware of. 

Do we have to practice?
You do not have to practice. If your team wishes to practice they can.

Are there playoffs!?
Playoffs will begin as soon as the regular season ends. During playoffs the times and days that you play will likely vary from your regular season. 

How are rankings for playoffs scheduled?
Every team qualifies for the playoffs unless they have too low of a sportsmanship rating. Seeding is determined based on your team's win-loss record.