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We offer a variety of leagues and single-day tournaments for many different sports and games. Check out the leagues page for information on the typical schedule for sports throughout the year.


IMLeagues has the registration for all in-person sports and games. Leagues and tournaments are listed with the rules, sign-up deadline, and start dates. Sports and games that are team-based allow you to invite a friend, start a team for others to join, or join as a free agent and be added to an existing team. 


(If you have signed up for Group Exercise classes with Rec Sports in IMLeagues, you will use the same account.)

  1. Go to (QR code can be found on the posters in Bourgeois)
  3. Select “University of Louisiana at Lafayette”
  4. You have to use your “” email address
  5. Complete all the other fields
  6. Confirm your account in the email sent to you
  7. You have 24 hours to verify your account
  8. If you have trouble, contact IMLeagues by using the chat on their page