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Virtual Group Exercise

Check out live recordings and pre-recorded fitness classes on our Instagram and YouTube pages. Accounts are not required to view videos, however we encourage you to follow us if you don't already! All workouts can be done without any equipment and some give options for a few household items that can be used.

IGTV and Instagram Live Recordings

Cardio/Strength IGTV and Instagram Live Recordings

Yoga IGTV and Instagram Live Recordings

YouTube Live Recordings

Participation in these online classes is voluntary. As with any fitness program, physical activity may result in injury. We highly recommend participants check their space for suitability before beginning physical activity. Examples include removal of nearby furniture or hazards and using a mat or carpet for exercises on the ground. Participants are encouraged to stop immediately if they experience any pain or injury and should seek the appropriate medical advice and care as needed. All participants are encouraged to follow the advice of their health care professional before participating in these classes or any other physical activity program.