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Check out these questions about Personal Training. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can reach out to the Fitness Coordinator or Graduate Assistant.

Who can sign up for Personal Training?

  • Personal Training is available to University of Louisiana at Lafayette students, faculty and staff, and current Spouse Pass members

How do I sign up for Personal Training?

How are Personal Trainers assigned?

Are all personal trainers trained or certified?

  • All personal trainers have a current nationally recognized personal training certification, or have completed a semester-long ACE Personal Training Certification Prep course and are in the process of preparing for their exam

What is the payment process?

  • Once you have been assigned a trainer, payment is due in full before the first session
  • Cost of packages can be found on the Packages and Pricing page
  • Checks and EXACT CASH are the only forms of payment that are accepted at this time

Do I need to purchase or bring any equipment?

  • No, all equipment will be provided unless there is something you would like to bring of your own

What will my first session consist of?

  • After you’ve completed the Personal Training Interest Form, have been assigned a trainer, and have turned in the New Client Paperwork and your full payment, you and your trainer will meet for an Intake session (this session is free and will not be deducted from your sessions purchased)
  • The Intake session is used to review your New Client Paperwork, allowing you and the trainer to get to know one another, create a basis for your training sessions, and help you set goals
  • Additionally, a few basic measures including rest blood pressure and heart rate will be taken to get baseline health measures

How soon can I begin training?

  • Once you complete the Personal Training Intake Form and are assigned a trainer, you and your trainer will determine a start date (payment must be completed in full before you can have your first session)
  • There are some medical conditions that will require a health care provider’s consent before training sessions can begin, and it will be determined if this is needed during the intake at the first session

What happens if I cannot make it to a session?

  • If needing to reschedule, clients understand that they must contact their trainer at least 24 hours in advance or the session missed will be forfeited and no refund will be issued

Can my personal trainer give me advice on nutrition?

  • Your personal trainer is able to educate you on the basics of nutrition for the common population, such as what a balance diet should consist of, what good options are when shopping for groceries or dining out, and general information about how to best fuel your body
  • It is not in a personal trainer’s scope of practice to provide meal plans or specific dietary advice or information (for this type of advice, please see a credentialled registered dietitian)
  • A great resource for health information is the USDA MyPlate website

Please also review all of the Personal Training and Rec Sports Policies: