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Group Exercise Policies

Please also review the current COVID-19 Policies & Information.

  • Registration is required for all classes
    • Registration closes 5 minutes before class start time for in-person and 10 minutes before class start for virtual.
    • ​Participants are expected to cancel any classes they register for but no longer wish to attend
  • Rec Sport dress code is required in all classes
    • Tops cover the chest
    • Bottoms cover the butt and groin
    • No metal, including buttons and zippers, on any equipment surfaces
    • Closed-toe shoes required, except in yoga and barre classes (or when otherwise noted by the instructor)
  • We encourage you to bring a water bottle to every class
    • Drinking fountains are available outside each studio
  • Equipment will is provided for all classes
  • Check-in for classes will begin at least 5 minutes before classes begin and will end 3 minutes after the class start time
    • Registrants of full classes not checked-in by the start of class time risk losing their spot to someone waiting
  • Check-in will end at the start of class time for participant safety and to avoid interruption
  • Personal items should be placed along the back wall of the space or in the locker rooms
    • Rec Sports is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Cell phones should be left with belongings unless needed for an emergency
  • For safety reasons, personal listening devices such as headphones, earphone, and earbuds should not be worn during classes 
  • All classes are subject to cancellation and/or change based on the availability of instructors, facilities, and participation and will be updated on social media and the Rec Sports website
  • For the safety and privacy of all, participants are discouraged from taking pictures and/or videos within the class spaces
  • Rec Sports strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment and does not discriminate or tolerate discrimination of any individuals

Violating these policies may lead to a temporary suspension from registration of the Group Exercise classes.