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Class Descriptions

Bourgeois Bootcamp

Get your day started off right and your workout done early! This class will help you build strength and confidence as you go through these high intensity workouts.

Cajun Wild Card

Start the weekend off on the right foot and join us for a surprise workout! This class will have rotating instructors and formats, meaning the class could be any one of the classes we offer on our schedule.


Come get your heart pumping while enjoying some of today’s greatest hits! This class combines traditional cardiovascular cycling while letting loosen up and dance to your favorite songs.  Get your workout in and your dance on at the same time!


High Intensity Interval Training aka, a great workout! This class is the classic format of intense bouts of strength or conditioning activities. The rest periods will be short so be prepared to have one of the best workouts you’ve ever had!

LIFE on the Geaux

This class is geared toward the LIFE Program students, but is open to anyone who wants to get a great work-out and have some fun! All levels of fitness are welcome!

Power Hour

This class is a full hour of interval strength and cardio moves that will push your limits and help you reach your fitness goals.

Ragin’ Abs

This class will strengthen your core from every angle by using sequences of both abdominal and back exercises in just thirty minutes. This class in guaranteed to make you sweat!

Rec Fit

Come get stronger faster and more fit! This class is comprised of high intensity functional movements performed at high intensity. Each workout will also incorporate a variety of exercises ranging from weightlifting, running, rowing, and much more.

Strength & Tone

You can expect a full-body strength training workout to help you tone up from this class!  All fitness levels are welcome.


Move fluidly through the traditional yoga postures while linking your mind and body. Yoga will help enhance your flexibility, strength and balance as well as make you feel more centered and relaxed.


Come join the party! Using the dance and aerobic choreography of hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, and mambo this class will get your heart pumping! This fun and easy to follow cardio class combines high energy and motivating music to make for and great time!