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Fitness Center Policies

Use of the Student Fitness Center is a privilege that may be revoked for not following policies of the facility. Please review the policies below carefully. All policies and attire requirements are in place for the safety and comfort of our participants. Studies have shown that wearing correct exercise clothing to reduce skin to equipment contact is important when reducing the risks of skin infections and increasing the longevity of exercise equipment.

Fitness Center users must be 17 years of age or older and must provide proof of age upon request.

In addition to the General Facility Policies, the following policies must be followed in the Student Fitness Center:

Student Fitness Center Policies

  • Profanity and yelling are not permitted in the Fitness Center
  • Personal property such as books and back packs must be stored in lockers
    • Bags are not allowed in the Fitness Center
    • Neither Rec Sports nor its employees are responsible for lost or stolen property
  • All patrons must have a clean towel to wipe off equipment after use
  • Weight belts are not permitted on upholstered exercise equipment to prevent premature wear and tear
  • Users who break equipment due to misuse or misconduct may be suspended from the facility
  • Food is not permitted
  • Only drinks with screw top bottles are permitted
  • Collars/clips are required for all barbell lifts
  • Spotters are strongly recommended when lifting all free weights
  • Do not move or rearrange weights or equipment
  • For the prevention of injury to yourself or others, and damage to floor or equipment, weights may not be dropped or thrown
  • Weights must be guided down with control (hands must remain on the bar until the weights and bar are placed on the ground)
  • Olympic lifts must be performed on the Olympic platforms
  • Only rubber, bumper plates are allowed to be used on the Olympic lifting platforms (no other plates allowed)
  • Do not stand on benches
  • Weight benches may not be placed within 5 feet of fire exits or extinguishers
  • For courtesy of the other users, please allow others to work in between sets or limit the time on machines to 10 minutes
  • Any music or audio must be played through personal listening devices (such as headphones) and cannot be play aloud on a speaker

Dress Code

Refer to the General Facility Dress Code page for the current dress code policies.