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Basketball Courts

Rec Sports offers indoor court space for a variety of activities. 4 courts are equipped for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and pickleball. Outside of reservations, the courts are open for free play during building hours. Some activities with nets require set-up that you must request from the Rec Sports staff. Set-up of this equipment will depend on existing reservations and staff discretion. All patrons must follow Rec Sports policies and can lose access if they do not comply. Rec Sports staff has final say on policy adherence.

COVID-19 Updated/Added Policies

The courts will be open for limited (one-on-one), non-contact basketball (Courts 2-4) and badminton (Court 1) starting September 14th. The following must be follow or access can be taken away.

  • Face covering/masks must be worn properly (covering nose and mouth) at all times
    • Refer to "Exercising with a Face Covering/Mask" posters for education and guidance
  • The facility, including courts, close for a deep clean everyday from 1:00p-2:00p
  • All participants are to maintain a 6 foot distance from others
  • The maximum capacity for all courts is 16 patrons
    • A waiting list will be at the Front desk if the courts are full
  • Limited equipment will be available for check-out at the Front Desk
    • Available equipment includes basketballs, tennis rackets (no balls), ping pong paddles and balls, and badminton rackets and birdies
    • Patrons are welcome to bring their own items
  • No drinking fountains will be available in the courts
    • Automatic water bottle fillers are on near the front desk, by the racquetball courts, and in the front lounge area
  • Basketball
    • Each basketball hoop is limited to 2 people
    • Only shooting is allowed (no one-on-one or contact play)
    • 2 hoops each will be available on Courts 2-4
  • Badminton
    • 2 nets will be available on Court 1
    • 1 vs 1 play only

Open Recreation Policies

  • Profanity and yelling are not permitted in any Rec Sports facility or program
  • Personal property such as books and back packs must be stored in lockers (neither Rec Sports nor its employees will be responsible for lost or stolen property)
  • It is strongly recommended that participants not wear jewelry, including during free-play court games in the gymnasium
  • Food and beveraged are not permitted in the court area
  • Equipment should be used properly and for its intended purpose and should remain in its established location (users who break equipment due to misuse or misconduct can be suspended from the facility)
  • Participants MUST seek assistance from UL Rec Sports for adjustments and setup/takedown of the volleyball, badminton nets or other equipment
  • Disassembling and/or moving equipment that has been set up is not permitted

Free Play Rules

  • Dunking is strictly prohibited
  • No hanging on the rims or nets at any time
  • No shooting at baskets while a full-court game is in progress
  • No kicking basketballs or any other balls in this area
  • No sitting on rented basketballs or other equipment
  • Deliberate abuse of the walls, ceilings, equipment, etc. is not permitted
  • Hats and ball caps are not permitted to be worn during pick-up basketball games