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Open Recreation Court Programming

Rec Sports has scheduled times for a number of sports in our basketball courts. Check out the policies and schedule below!

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General Policies
Screening Process for Staff & Patrons


General Policies

  • All open recreation general policies for basketball and other sports still apply
  • Policies may be adjusted as needed and will be updated in a timely manner
  • The staff of Rec Sports has final say on policy adherence

Screening Process for Staff & Participants

If at any point in the day any students, staff, or faculty utilizing the open recreation court spaces experience any of the listed symptoms, you are not allowed to come to campus, including Rec Sports facilities. If the listed symptoms are experienced while within Rec Sports facilities, then please leave immediately.

  • Fever, cough, chest pain or pressure, chills, sore throat, headache, shortness of breath, muscle pain, or loss of taste or smell
  • If any student experiences these symptoms, it is important for them to complete the Student Self-Report Form on the University website


  • Face coverings must be worn, and social distancing must be always maintained in the Rec Sports facilities
    • Masks can be removed while patrons are competing in open recreational programmed content where specified
      • Face coverings may only be removed when entering court lines of play
      • As soon as a patron steps off the court of play, they must put their mask back on
    • Masks will be available to patrons if needed
    • Masks and social distancing outside of the court lines will be enforced by Rec Sports student staff
      • Anyone not complying with these requirements will be asked to leave the facility
  • There will be a maximum limit of 15 participants per court during open recreational play times listed below
    • When Intramural basketball programming begins, spots may be limited for open recreational play
    • The Rec Sports staff on shift will assist with giving as many patrons as possible an opportunity to play
    • If the court is full, patrons will be allowed to wait outside for a spot (masks must be worn outside of the courts) and will be allowed in once a team has lost or a spot has opened
  • Drinking Fountains
    • Water fountains and bottle fillers will be available outside of the courts – it is strongly recommended that patrons bring their own water bottle
    • Patrons must have masks worn properly (covering the nose and mouth) if they are outside of the open recreation programming area at any time
  • There will be no fans/spectators allowed for open recreational programmed content


  • Participants will be required to scan in with Rec Sports staff utilizing their Cajun Card at the table by the entrance of court 4
    • Patrons must have their Cajun Card or else they will not be allowed to participate – NO EXCEPTIONS!


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